Fume EXTRA Disposable Vape Device

For a taste of tropical paradise, try the new Fume vape flavors. From blue razz to lush ice, these flavors are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. The Fume Infinity Bye Razz is a disposable vape device that combines tangy blue raspberries with an extra dash of sugar for the perfect mix. It’s an excellent choice for those who are looking to give e-cigs a healthy kick without the harmful effects.

Fume has released four new pre-filled flavor pens in August 2021. Users can also enjoy apple flavor with salt nicotine. These vape flavors are available in the EXTRA, ULTRA, and INFINITY disposable e-cigarettes. The EXTRA, ULTRA, and INFINITY vapor delivery systems feature the same great taste and high quality as their other e-liquids. Fume is a popular choice for candy e-liquids, and the new Gummy Bear flavor is the perfect addition to their sweet flavor lineup.

For a taste of something new, Fume Infinity Banana Ice is a tasty choice. This sour fruit vape will awaken your pleasure centers with its bold flavor. It’s sure to leave your mouth watering, while the icy cool menthol will refresh you and keep you satisfied. Besides banana, the company also offers menthol flavors. Infinity flavors are best for beginners. Fume Infinity flavors are available in two strengths – 100ml and 200ml.

While the Fume EXTRA vape pen is available in two sizes, it contains enough liquid to fill an average 7.5 packs of cigarettes. The battery life is three times longer than the average disposable vape pen. As such, it should last the average pack-a-day cigarette smoker up to a week without needing to replace the vape. There are many options available to choose from – and they’re affordable and well-made.

If you want to buy a Fume, you’ll want to find a place that sells premium quality vape pens. The company also has the largest database of CBD fume flavors. They’re a one-stop-shop for all your vape needs. The company sells custom electronic cigarettes, disposable nic salt devices, pop disposables, and tanks. You’ll find everything you need for the best vape experience.